In Loving Memory Of

Dr. Colin Stewart Paterson

December 27, 1940 - August 12, 2011


Dr. Colin Paterson passed away unexpectedly at the age of 70 years on August 12, 2011. Colin was predeceased by his father Jack and mother Elizabeth. Colin is survived and loved by his three sons Steve, Jason (Twila), and Greg (Debbie); his former spouse and current friend Dr. Marilyn Paterson; Brothers Bill (Lois), John, and Rob; and numerous nieces and nephews. Born in Montreal, he spent most of his childhood, education, and early career in the Maritimes, settling in Grande Prairie with his wife Marilyn in 1969. It is in this community that Colin will be most remembered for his commitment to patients and caring demeanor. His 42 years of General Practice in the Peace County, which included a passion for obstetrics, allowed him to care for several generations of patients. His thoughtful and personable approach to medicine will be missed by everyone he touched. Colin was a loving father, caring brother and a loyal friend. He will be dearly missed by all. Colin generously contributed to numerous charities. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to a charity of your choice. Please join us to celebrate Colin’s life on Friday, August 19, 2011 at 12:00pm at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Grande Prairie. “A tournament champion is a winner on the golf course. A person of honor is a winner everywhere.” - Harvey Pennick


My thoughts and prayers are with you Marilyn and your family. I enjoyed working with Colin over many years and have fond memories of our early years in General Practice. Colin will be greatly missed by us all. I am sorry not to be at his Memorial Service today as we are away but will be thinking of you.

posted by Hilary Wynters, Grande Prairie : Aug 19, 2011


We are saddened to hear about Dr. Paterson’s passing. Dr. Paterson has been our family physician for over 35 years including four generations on my side and five generations on my husband’s side. Dr. Paterson had a calming effect, was down-to-earth and made us feel comfortable with any questions we had. Our sincere sympathy to his family, friends, colleagues and to his co-worker of many years, Brenda.

posted by D & C Williams, Grande Prairie : Aug 19, 2011


Our deepest sympathies to the Paterson family. What a tremendous loss we are all feeling with the passing of Dr.Paterson - he was truly a very caring, kind and much respected physician. His calm demeanor and wonderful sense of humor will be remembered always. May your many treasured memories ease your sorrow during this most difficult time. Rest in Peace Dr.Paterson - you are greatly missed by us all. 3North Staff

posted by Bonnie K., Lori B. & 3N Staff, QE II Hospital, Grande Prairie : Aug 18, 2011


Our thoughts and prayers to his family at this time. I must say it is not going to be the same without going to Dr. Patterson. He was one of those doctors that seemed to take the time to listen, joke around with you but boy if you didnt listen to his instructions...He will be greatly missed my not only us but by everyone that he has treated.

posted by deines, grande prairie : Aug 18, 2011


I am very sorry for the loss of your father and friend. I am thinking of you as you prepare to honour him at his funeral tomorrow. I hope you have time to tell stories, remember his accomplishments, and share your memories with those who knew and loved him.

posted by Tina Strehlke, Vancouver, BC : Aug 18, 2011


To the family & friends of Dr. Paterson We are so sorry to hear of Dr. Paterson's sudden passing. He was a great human being. Our parents were so very fortunate to have him as their family doctor. He was respectful, kind & caring to name just a few of his many attributes. He has touched many lives and will be sadly missed. We are privileged to have known him. Take care. Family of Cecilia & the late George Morken.

posted by Morken, Calgary : Aug 19, 2011


My prayers go out to Dr. Paterson's family and Brenda. He was our doctor since 1982. What I appreciated most - he didn't prescribe meds without tests unless something would help while waiting. My son remembers being at the hospital when quite young with a 105 temp. He was shivering but the nurses would not give him a blanket. When Dr. Paterson came by he said that every Canadian deserved to be warm and instructed the nurse to bring a blanket.

posted by Lillian Whitford, Clairmont : Aug 18, 2011


My prayers go out to Dr. Paterson's family and Brenda. He was our doctor since 1982. What I appreciated most - he didn't prescribe meds without tests unless something would help while waiting. My son remembers being at the hospital when quite young with a 105 temp. He was shivering but the nurses would not give him a blanket. When Dr. Paterson came by he said that every Canadian deserved to be warm and instructed the nurse to bring a blanket.

posted by Lillian Whitford, Clairmont : Aug 18, 2011


Sorry for your loss, our family has had a long connection as doctor, neighbour and friend. He will be missed.

posted by Ian and Deanna Scott, Charlottetown : Aug 17, 2011


My deepest sympathies go out to Dr. Patersons family. He has been my doctor for 21 years and has taken such good care of my children and me. His warm and funny personality will be missed. I can't tell how many times he put my mind at ease over the years whether it had to do with my kids or myself and we all will miss him. My oldest Daughter Jessica once told him when she was three years old that the ceramic monkey wearing a doctors coat in his office looked like him. I was embaressed but he thought her comment was rather humerous. Again from my family to his we are so sorry for your loss.

posted by Christina Diederich, Grande Prairie : Aug 17, 2011


Dr. Colin Paterson's kindness and caring in the pass 33 years for myself and my family will always be remembered.

posted by Olivia Marshall, Grande Prairie, AB : Aug 19, 2011


Our Deepest sympathies go out to the family of Dr Paterson who was a great family doctor and friend. I wouldn't be here today if this great man hadn't come in my life at the age of 9 months who diagnois me with meningitis when no other doctor could. He has been my doctor for the past 37 years and to my children who he was their when they were born. We will miss him greatly.

posted by Tracy Ingledew Laurin, : Aug 17, 2011


Our condolences to the Paterson family. We were devastated when we heard of his passing. Dr. Paterson was our doctor and friend for 40 years and five generations of our family. He always had time for a little visit and his kindness and understanding will never be forgotten. He was one in a million. Rest in Peace. Also, our sympathy to Brenda, they were the greatest of teams.

posted by Jim and Ella May Sawers, Grande Prairie : Aug 17, 2011


Our hearts go out to the Paterson family. Dr. Paterson was a wonderful, caring, and understanding doctor who always took his time and when you left, you always felt better after seeing him. Our children looked forward to their annual checkups - they would get excited to hear his footsteps and wonder what funny comment he would have when entering the room. If one of them was sick, the others were sad they didn't get to go see Dr. P and his funny ceramic monkey. He will be greatly missed. We are thinking of Brenda as well, our deepest sympathies for your loss.

posted by Talara and Sean Germain, Grande Prairie : Aug 17, 2011


posted by RUBY AND GLENN HENRY, SCOTCHOWN NB : Aug 17, 2011




Our thoughts and prayers go to Dr.Patersons' family. He was our family doctor for almost 30 years and will be missed greatly. Thank you for always being there Dr.P.You were one in a million...

posted by Calder Family, Grande Prairie Alberta : Aug 17, 2011


He was my doctor after Dr. Baurer left GP. He was kind, warm and always helpful. We chose another doctor for a family doctor as he was so busy because he was popular. He will be missed in this community.

posted by Shelley Biendarra, Grande Prairie, Alberta : Aug 20, 2011


Marilyn, Steve, Jason and Greg, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, during this difficult time. May fond memories bring you much comfort. Pat Sherman, Jaret and Jackie

posted by Pat Sherman, Lethbridge, AB : Aug 17, 2011


Dr. Paterson was an awesome doctor!!!! He was compassionate, caring and a great listener. I especially enjoyed our golf talks. He knew how much I loved the game and was always willing to share his experiences at different golf courses around the world. My family and I will miss him a lot. Our thoughts are prayers are with his family at this time.

posted by Barb Ollenberger, Grande Prairie, AB : Aug 18, 2011


Farewell young man. I will sip some Saskatoon wine with you when I see you again. It was a pleasure meeting & knowing you. My heart goes out to everyone in the family. He was a wonderful man.

posted by Norman Mueller, Wembley,Matachewan,Ontario : Aug 15, 2011


My deepest sympathy to Dr. Paterson's family and friends. Dr. Paterson brought both of my boys into this world and we have been very blessed to have him as our family doctor. Dr. Paterson was such a caring and dedicated doctor. Brenda and Dr. Paterson were such a good team. I know she will be lost without him. He will be sadly missed by all how were touched by him.

posted by Margo Sitek and Family, Grande Prairie, Alberta : Aug 16, 2011


Jason, Our deepest condolences on the loss of your father. Dr. Paterson sounds like a remarkable person who touched many lives. Sincerely, Brenda and Ron Zinck

posted by Brenda and Ron Zinck, Jasper, Alberta : Aug 16, 2011


My heartfelt sympathies to the family of Dr. Paterson, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Dr. Paterson will be greatly missed by so many within our community including my family. I always enjoyed his sense of humor, and calm manner. Rest in Peace Dr. P

posted by Milli, Grande Prairie, Ab : Aug 15, 2011


It was a privilage to have you as my family's doctor.Your care and compassion was incredible!We will miss your kind and gentle soul.Our hearts go out to all the lives you touched.Rest in peace.

posted by Michelle Studley, Grande Prairie AB : Aug 15, 2011


You will be sadly missed, you were a fantastic doctor and wonder friend and mentor. You always held my welling being in your hands and treated me with such gentleness and kindess - no one will ever compare. Thank-you for being the wonderful person you were. My condolences to your family - you I know will be greatly missed.

posted by Donna Senay (nee Bellwood), Clairmont, Alberta : Aug 15, 2011


I was very sorry to hear of the sudden loss of Colin. He was a unique,warm,caring man that had a calmness about him that always left me with a feeling that all will be OK. We'll get it fixed. DR COLIN PATERSON will be greatly missed. Rest in peace my friend.

posted by Wayne Dunbar, Grande Prairie Alta : Aug 15, 2011


28 years ago, Dr. P became my doctor. He helped usher our three children into this world and from that point on took care of the whole Sharp family. He was a caring, compassionate and funny guy. We talked about all kinds of things, medical or not, and I shall so miss those conversations in the future. My thoughts are with the entire Paterson family as they make their way through this most difficult time. I will miss you easy.

posted by Jane Cada-Sharp, Grande Prairie : Aug 15, 2011


What a huge loss for the people of GP. He brought our children into the world, doctored my husband through cancer and was always an unending caring humanitarian. We will all miss him deeply. We feel deeply for your loss. The Jones

posted by Janice, Dwight, Brennen and ShannonJones, Grande Prairie : Aug 15, 2011


Dr. Paterson was my family Doctor for almost 41 yrs...I am in shock and saddness to hear this news..,my condolences to his Family and friends..he was loved by many...Brenda..condolences to you as well, you were his sidekick for many years..

posted by Joanne Gammel, Grande Prairie, AB : Aug 15, 2011


Dr Paterson became our family doctor in 1970...taking on my Dad, Mom and I as patients. When my Dad died in 1988 he sent a wonderful remembrance card...when my Mom passed in 2007 again a great card. Dr P since ancient times there has been no profession as noble as that of a healer. Thank you so much for caring for my folks, wife Jane , three kids--Matt-Lauren-and Lindsey--Hippocrates would have nodded his approval...for you did no harm--nay you helped immeasurably. I will treasure our visits which could get fiesty at times but never boring. Your knowledge of sports, politics, and life in general was so refreshing. Rest easy...and thank you so much...'great healer.' Gord Sharp

posted by Gord Sharp, Grande Prairie : Aug 15, 2011


My deepest sympathy to your family. Dr. Paterson was our family doctor for over 30 years from the time I was first pregnant. He kindly tolerated my many questions both when I was still actively working in health care, and after when I tried to remain current with information. His gentle spirit, witty humour, caring and patience had a very calming influence on new parents and our active boys, John and Adam, who are now adults and have known no other doctor. Cate (Cathy) Sazwan

posted by Cate Sazwan, Grande Prairie : Aug 15, 2011


I had the pleasure of having Dr. Paterson as my family doctor for my entire life thus far. He delivered me at the QEII hospital in August 1984, and my brother in 1986. He was the most easy-going, friendly, caring doctor and friend that anyone could have asked for. He didn't make going to the doctor a chore; he made it a pleasure. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him, myself included. Visiting the doctor's office will never be the same for me. My whole family is saddened by his passing. We wish his family all the best.

posted by Amanda Proctor (Metz), Grande Prairie, AB : Aug 16, 2011


colin was a friend, associate and golfing partner. he was always generous with his time and kind with his words. he will be greatly missed.

posted by jim and sylvia coughlin, grande prairie : Aug 16, 2011


My condolences to Dr. P's family, friends and Brenda! I loved Dr. Patterson, and was priviledged to be able to call him my doctor. His humour, witt and wisdom was a great help to me when I got sick and then later when the diagnosis was made. Although I would argue with him about what was wrong, he was always right! I will never see a FedEx truck again without thinking of him. Thanks Dr. P, I will always see the arrow from now on! Much love and may you rest in peace!

posted by Nina Johnson, Grande Prairie, AB : Aug 16, 2011


Thanks for being a great friend and a colleague in whom one can rely Adieu

posted by Anthony Echezona, Grande Prairie : Aug 16, 2011


Will miss you a lot Dr. P. Thanks for always taking care of me.

posted by Lauren Sharp, Calgary : Aug 16, 2011


BOur thoughts and prayers are with your family. We have lost a truly caring and remarkable man, he was our Doctor and neighbour. Dr Paterson held each of our children first, when they were young they had baked him cookies and took them down to his house. About a week later we opened the mailbox to the container stuffed full of smarties with a note from him saying "Thank-you so much for the cookies...don't tell the dentist!" I wonder how many kids giggled as he measured their legs then asked if they ran in circles. He had a genuine compassion for people and a gentle spirit. He will be missed by all the lives he has touched. Rest well Dr P.

posted by Denise & Dave Bruce, Grande Prairie : Aug 16, 2011


I wish you well on your new journey Colin, 42 years of service is something to be proud of!! Though, for those you leave behind there is sadness and a sense of loss I hope that will be transient and those near and dear to you will remember the ultimate gift that you have given to the community, that of love and service.

posted by Christopher Lyddell, Grande Prairie : Aug 16, 2011


Our family is so saddened by the loss of such a great man, we trusted him with everything,and he never failed us. We will forever miss this man in our lives.

posted by Noel Family, Grande Prairie,AB : Aug 16, 2011


My condolences to Dr. Paterson's family, friends and Marylin! I had the pleasure of being in his call group and I will never forget his immeasureable kindness and his sincere friendship.

posted by Ben Almasi, Toronto : Aug 16, 2011


No words can express how shocked and saddened we were to hear about Dr. Paterson. Such a wonderful, kind man who cared for our family for 30 years. We always appreciated his warm and friendly manner and the time he allowed for each office visit. Dr. Paterson extended himself always learning about our family and interests. Thank you for your humour and your positive outlook on any situation. Our condolences to your family and Brenda too.

posted by Mona and Bill Shaw, Grande Prairie : Aug 16, 2011


Madeleine and Abdul would like to offer their deepest and heartfelt sympathy to Colin's family and friends. Every june for the last 6 years, Colin has been to our home for 10 days or so to sharpen his golfing skills.We spent much time eating lobsters,walking on our beach,having deep conversations,and enjoying the Canada day celebration in Rustico. We will miss you, Colin.

posted by Madeleine and Abdul Rahman, Rustico,P.E.I. : Aug 16, 2011


Dr. Patterson was a wonderful physician to my daughters and to me. He was a tall man and I remember my little girls looking way up to him. By the end of the appointment they were totally comfortable and telling him stories which he kindly listened to. They were only 2 and 4 at the time. Dr. Patterson your work here is done it is your tern to be cared for and looked after. God Bless The Shular Family

posted by Antoinette Shular, Grande Prairie, AB : Aug 16, 2011


Thinking of all you!! Big Hugs to Twiggy & Jason!!!! Ro xxo

posted by Rolanda (Ro) Patterson, Carleton County, NB : Aug 23, 2011


My thoughts and prayers - albeit tardy - are with you all. I knew Jason and Greg from the ski hill and we lived in GP 2 times - once in the 70's and again in the 90's and Dr. Paterson was our family Dr. Both times - he was my sister's Dr. At birth and our whole family's also. My Mom used to tell everyone in Georgia where we lived that he was the most invested and caring Dr. In the world! We all loved him. When we were living in Ga. The second time my Dad was diagnosed with a neurological disease that was pretty unheard of. I called Dr. Paterson to ask him if he knew anything about it because he was so on top of new medical issues. He did know about it and took the time out of his crazy busy schedule to call me back and talk to me about it. I am visiting GP currently and wanted to go say hi because he meant so much to our family! I give thanks for him and his family.

posted by Alison Fullerton, Denver, Colorado : Sep 08, 2011


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